5 Romantic Wintertime Dates

For those of you who aren’t currently suffering from crippling seasonal depression and are actually enjoying the freezing cold weather, this one’s for you. So, you and your significant other or new flame are probably looking for some date ideas since picnics in the park are likely off limits unless you live somewhere that is warm year-round. In that case, I envy you.

For those of you enjoying the cold weather or looking to squeeze some fun out of this frozen tundra – I mean winter wonderland – I have a couple of date ideas. These date ideas don’t involve seeking shelter from the cold, but rather embracing it. So, if – for some reason – winter is your or bae’s favorite time of year, boy do I have some cool (ha, get it?) date ideas for you.

1. Ice Skating
This is probably the most obvious wintery thing you can do with your significant other. Even if it doesn’t get cold enough for water to freeze over where you live there’s bound to be an ice rink nearby. Going and skating around during the holidays is adorable and romantic – especially if one of you is reasonably clumsy.

So, put on your cutest winter clothes and try not to fall to much as you’re skating around with your lover.

2. Shopping Outing
Christmas shopping is usually pretty stressful but it doesn’t have to be! Malls and shopping centers are usually decorated extravagantly for the holidays. So, the atmosphere is already set for a romantic evening.

Head to a posh shopping center or your downtown area, grab some Starbucks, and walk around window shopping. Better yet Christmas shop for each other! If you don’t know what to buy each other for the holidays, this is the perfect opportunity to drop hints or buy something for one another!

3. Winter Sports
What better way to embrace the cold weather than to take a trip up to the mountains? Slap on your snow chains and trek up to the closest ski resort! There are few things more romantic than hurdling down a mountain with your significant other with boards strapped to your feet.

4. Snow day!
Not a skier? Not a snowboarder? You don’t need to be well versed in winter sports to play around in the snow. Grab an innertube, find a snow-covered hill, and go tubing!

Once you’re finished flinging yourself down hills, build a snow man or start a snowball fight. Take a trip back to your childhood and make snow angels, catch snowflakes on your tongue, and make a snow fort.

Experiencing nostalgia with your significant other will only draw you closer together or it will help to fan a new flame!

5. Stroll through the snow
If you’re not feeling athletic or like getting snow in your socks, take a walk around a well-lit park at night. Find a picturesque area of your city or town and take an evening stroll. Christmas lights and snow covered streets are extremely romantic.

Grab a holiday themed mocha from Starbucks, or if you’re slightly less basic, Pete’s and walk around with your honey. Little things like this are often times the most romantic. You’ll have time to talk and will certainly enjoy the festive atmosphere while hopefully not freezing to death.

Here’s some more winter date ideas in the video below! Or if you’re looking to get a date ASAP, check out the cupid.ly app – the fresh new dating app for iOS that makes it easy to meet someone new tonight!