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  • 3 Dogs Average Votes:3.72
  • duck walks into a feed Average Votes:3.06
  • 17 Parrots Average Votes:3.27
  • 2 Crows Average Votes:2.96
  • 2 snakes walk into a bar... Average Votes:2.67
  • 3 Little Pigs Average Votes:3.33
  • A baby polar bear asks Average Votes:3.32
  • A carpet layer had just finished Average Votes:3.34
  • A Cat's Diary Average Votes:3.56
  • A champion jockey is about Average Votes:3.64
  • A duck Average Votes:2.25
  • A man has a new job Average Votes:3.11
  • A sergeant-major in the Paras Average Votes:3.93
  • A sparrow decides that it is Average Votes:3.68
  • A turtle called Speedy Average Votes:2.53
  • Alligator Shoes Average Votes:3.94
  • An Elephant Never Forgets Average Votes:3.12
  • Animal Football Average Votes:3.00
  • Animal Sounds Average Votes:3.22
  • Attempted Murder Average Votes:3.33
  • Attempted Suicide Average Votes:2.97
  • Baby Turtle Average Votes:3.47
  • Bad dog Average Votes:2.89
  • Bad Heart Average Votes:2.88
  • Bad Heart Average Votes:2.88
  • Bagging Average Votes:3.29
  • Baskin Robbins Average Votes:3.13
  • Bathroom Average Votes:3.60
  • Bats Average Votes:3.31
  • Bear & Rabbit Average Votes:3.64
  • Bear & Rabbit Average Votes:3.57
  • Beware of Dog Average Votes:3.12
  • Bird Brain Average Votes:3.67
  • Birds wear underwear Average Votes:3.41
  • Blind Sky Divers Average Votes:2.55
  • Blonde and Redhead Average Votes:3.40
  • Blonde Licence Average Votes:3.29
  • Blonde Painter Average Votes:3.50
  • Blonde Witness Average Votes:2.38
  • Blondes Strike Back Average Votes:2.87
  • Bloody Bat Average Votes:3.45
  • Boating Average Votes:3.10
  • Born Free Average Votes:3.63
  • Boxer Dog Average Votes:2.09
  • Breaststroke Average Votes:3.00
  • Bulls Survive Tornado Average Votes:1.89
  • Burglary Average Votes:3.78
  • Camel Questions Average Votes:3.06
  • Can My Dog Stay at Your Hotel? Average Votes:3.19
  • Card-Playing Dog Average Votes:2.87
  • Casino Player Average Votes:4.04
  • Cat Diary Average Votes:3.98
  • Cat Diary Average Votes:3.57
  • Cat Technical Support Average Votes:3.31
  • Cats and Pills Average Votes:4.26
  • Cats Guide To Humans Average Votes:3.97
  • Chainsaw Average Votes:3.77
  • Cheap Meat Average Votes:3.58
  • Chicken and the road thru history. Average Votes:3.44
  • Chicken Ranch Average Votes:3.04
  • Chickens And Books Average Votes:3.30
  • Coach Trip Average Votes:2.43
  • Combining Flipper and Jaws Average Votes:3.62
  • Cow With No Legs Average Votes:3.05
  • Creative Dog Breeding Average Votes:3.00
  • Cross Between . . . . Average Votes:2.49
  • Cross eyed dog Average Votes:2.10
  • Cross The River Average Votes:3.00
  • Cross-Eyed Dog Average Votes:2.95
  • Crossing a Mule and Onions Average Votes:3.66
  • Crying Average Votes:3.43
  • Curious Camel Average Votes:2.96
  • Curious Camel Average Votes:2.86
  • Dad & Dave Average Votes:2.49
  • Daffy Goes Fishing Average Votes:2.15
  • Dead Fish Average Votes:3.82
  • Deaf Bear Average Votes:1.88
  • Declan the Crab Average Votes:3.08
  • Departmental stores Average Votes:2.26
  • Distressed Average Votes:3.43
  • Dog Named Mypenis Average Votes:3.98
  • Dog Property Laws Average Votes:3.35
  • Dogs 'n Light Bulbs Average Votes:3.75
  • Donkey's Will Kill U Average Votes:2.41
  • Down and dirty! Average Votes:3.60
  • Ernie the Hamster Average Votes:3.79
  • Feline Fasting Average Votes:2.00
  • Feline Physics Average Votes:3.50
  • fella goes to the doctors Average Votes:1.72
  • Fetch Average Votes:3.25
  • Fleas Average Votes:4.00
  • For Cat Lovers. Average Votes:3.71
  • Fresh Blood Average Votes:3.63
  • Gorilla in a Tree Average Votes:3.74
  • Guide To Walking Tigers Average Votes:2.91
  • Hanging Average Votes:3.00
  • Holy Cow!! Average Votes:3.74
  • Horny Parrot Average Votes:3.60
  • Horny Rooster Average Votes:4.04
  • Horse and Chicken Average Votes:3.81

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