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  • Lottery Winners Average Votes:3.60
  • Love is in the Air Average Votes:1.50
  • Love Makin' Maniac Note Average Votes:3.50
  • Love Your Dog Average Votes:1.00
  • Lovers Average Votes:4.00
  • Low Flying Average Votes:1.00
  • Low Ryder SelfHaul Average Votes:3.83
  • Lube Shop Average Votes:0.00
  • Mac Attack Average Votes:3.00
  • Macho Man Part I Average Votes:0.00
  • Macho Man Part I Average Votes:3.00
  • Macho Man Part II Average Votes:2.00
  • Mad Cat Average Votes:3.40
  • Made In The US OF A Average Votes:1.00
  • Made in the USA Average Votes:1.00
  • Made In Usa Average Votes:2.33
  • Mafia Insurance Average Votes:2.00
  • Male Birth Control Average Votes:0.00
  • Male Buffalo Warning Average Votes:0.00
  • Male Dance Revue Average Votes:3.00
  • Mall BSOD Average Votes:0.00
  • MAN EATS UNDERWEAR Average Votes:4.29
  • Man Trouble Average Votes:0.00
  • Man What a Night... Average Votes:0.00
  • Man Woman Machine Average Votes:2.33
  • Man you're just TOO Funny! Average Votes:3.00
  • Management Class Average Votes:0.00
  • Manlove Average Votes:0.00
  • Manogram Average Votes:4.30
  • Mari A DumFart? Better Off Dead... Average Votes:2.25
  • Marlboro Country Average Votes:2.75
  • Marlboro Country Average Votes:3.50
  • MarlboRu Average Votes:0.00
  • Marry Poppins Average Votes:3.23
  • Mars Attacks Average Votes:0.00
  • Mars Pathfinder Average Votes:0.00
  • Martha Living Average Votes:0.00
  • Martial Arts Ice Hockey Average Votes:3.33
  • Mary and Jane Average Votes:3.80
  • Mary Poppins Average Votes:1.00
  • Mass Transit Average Votes:3.50
  • Master Baiter Average Votes:0.00
  • Math Illusion Average Votes:2.60
  • Maxim's Girlfriend Remote Control Average Votes:3.75
  • McButt Plug Average Votes:0.00
  • McDonald's Average Votes:2.25
  • McDonalds - Always Hiring Losers Average Votes:0.00
  • McFuneral Home Average Votes:1.00
  • Mean Dog Average Votes:2.00
  • Mean Kitty Average Votes:4.00
  • Medieval Computer Shopping Average Votes:1.82
  • Meet Baby Inky Average Votes:0.00
  • Meet Mr. Winky Average Votes:4.25
  • Men and their Dogs Average Votes:1.50
  • Men And Their Dogs Average Votes:0.00
  • Men Problems Average Votes:1.50
  • Men v Women Average Votes:2.00
  • Mexican SUV Average Votes:4.14
  • MIB - Monkeys in Black Average Votes:3.94
  • Mice in Trouble Average Votes:2.50
  • Mice In Trouble Average Votes:0.00
  • Michael and the Beatles Average Votes:0.00
  • Michael Jackson's Boob Job Average Votes:3.83
  • Michael Jackson's Cameo Average Votes:4.31
  • Michael Jacksons Cameo Average Votes:3.00
  • MIchelin Average Votes:4.00
  • Mickey Mouse Average Votes:0.00
  • Micro Slave Average Votes:0.00
  • MicroManagement Average Votes:3.75
  • Microslave Average Votes:2.17
  • Microsoft 1978 - Would you Have Invested? Average Votes:2.86
  • Microsoft Behind the Scenes Average Votes:3.33
  • Microsoft Behind The Scenes Average Votes:3.00
  • Microsoft Exterminator Average Votes:0.00
  • Microsoft in 1978 Average Votes:2.00
  • Microsoft Keyboard Average Votes:3.50
  • Microsoft Word for Blondes Average Votes:3.44
  • Microsoft Word For Blondes 1.0 Average Votes:0.00
  • Mideval Computer Shopping Average Votes:1.00
  • Mike Tyson's Ear Fetish Average Votes:2.86
  • Military Ballot Box Average Votes:3.40
  • Military Ballot Box Average Votes:0.00
  • Milk Carton Average Votes:3.33
  • Mini Coast guard Average Votes:1.00
  • Mini Saddam Average Votes:3.23
  • Mini-Kart Average Votes:0.00
  • Mini-Me Average Votes:4.06
  • Minime Average Votes:1.00
  • Mis-translation Average Votes:3.50
  • Mis-translation Average Votes:0.00
  • Missed Opportunity Average Votes:3.00
  • Missed Opportunity Average Votes:0.00
  • Missile Board Average Votes:1.00
  • Missing Elf Average Votes:3.00
  • Missing Elf Average Votes:2.50
  • Mission Impossible Average Votes:4.17
  • MMM Chewy Average Votes:0.00
  • Mmm Kitty Average Votes:0.00
  • Mobile Computer Average Votes:0.00
  • Modern Art Average Votes:1.00

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