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  • Decoy Giraffe Average Votes:3.25
  • Deep Puddle Average Votes:4.50
  • Deer Crossing 2 Average Votes:1.00
  • Degrees Of Punishment Average Votes:4.00
  • Denial Average Votes:3.75
  • Dependable Average Votes:3.00
  • Desert Decision Average Votes:4.00
  • Deviant Sheep Average Votes:3.39
  • Deviant Sheep Average Votes:3.63
  • Diaper Cake Average Votes:4.00
  • Diarrhea Treatment Average Votes:3.86
  • Did He? Average Votes:4.00
  • Didn't Wash Hands Average Votes:4.44
  • Dieting Average Votes:5.00
  • Dinner Nap Average Votes:0.00
  • Dirty Hands Alert Average Votes:3.80
  • Dirty Hands Alert Average Votes:3.00
  • Disasters Average Votes:3.17
  • Discovery Channel: Extream Average Votes:5.00
  • Display Properties Average Votes:2.50
  • Divine Shoe Repair Average Votes:4.14
  • Diving Dog Average Votes:0.00
  • Do Not Enter Average Votes:0.00
  • Do the Twist Average Votes:3.67
  • Do Your Patriotic Duty Average Votes:3.50
  • Does a Bear... Average Votes:3.62
  • Dog Against the Wall Average Votes:4.00
  • Dog Alike 1 Average Votes:1.00
  • Dog and Boy Twins? Average Votes:4.43
  • Dog and Cat Hug Average Votes:2.00
  • Dog and Fire Hydrant Average Votes:3.50
  • Dog Chat Average Votes:2.89
  • Dog Chef Average Votes:3.67
  • Dog Kiss Average Votes:2.40
  • Dog Lesson Average Votes:4.00
  • Dog Muscle Average Votes:3.00
  • Dog Reading Average Votes:0.00
  • Dog Relaxing... Average Votes:0.00
  • Dog Ride Average Votes:0.00
  • Dog Smile Average Votes:4.10
  • Dog Speak Average Votes:0.00
  • Dog Store Average Votes:0.00
  • Dog Vacation Average Votes:3.29
  • Dog Wedding Average Votes:0.00
  • Dogalike 6 Average Votes:0.00
  • Doggie Style Average Votes:0.00
  • Doggoon Average Votes:3.00
  • Dogs Sharing Spaghetti Average Votes:3.00
  • Dolphin Wave Average Votes:4.16
  • Domination for Dummies Average Votes:3.00
  • Domination For Dummies Average Votes:0.00
  • Dominican Superman Average Votes:3.61
  • Dominican Superman Average Votes:3.34
  • Don't Ask Average Votes:4.07
  • Don't Bother Me Average Votes:2.67
  • Don't Drink And Climb Average Votes:0.00
  • Don't Drink and Fly Average Votes:4.46
  • Don't Lose Your Head Average Votes:4.00
  • Don't Pick Up Hitchhikers Average Votes:0.00
  • Don't Screw With Granny Average Votes:3.57
  • Donation Average Votes:0.00
  • Dont Bother Me Average Votes:2.00
  • Dont Screw With Granny Average Votes:3.00
  • Doritos: Before & After Average Votes:4.15
  • Double Dutch Average Votes:4.00
  • Dough Boy Average Votes:4.00
  • Doughboy Meets Stooges Average Votes:4.17
  • Doughboy Meets The Three Stooges Average Votes:0.00
  • Down On His Luck Average Votes:0.00
  • Download Birth Average Votes:0.00
  • Dragbus Racing Average Votes:0.00
  • Dream Homes...Still For Sale Average Votes:2.50
  • Dream Job Average Votes:0.00
  • Dream Restaurant Average Votes:3.88
  • Dress To Kill 1 Average Votes:3.75
  • Drink Coke Average Votes:0.00
  • Drink Til You Want Me Average Votes:2.25
  • Drinkin' Kitty Average Votes:0.00
  • Drinking Decathlon Average Votes:0.00
  • Drive Thru Average Votes:0.00
  • Drive-Thru Service Average Votes:4.00
  • Drive-thru Service Only Average Votes:0.00
  • Driving Carefully Average Votes:3.00
  • Driving School Average Votes:4.25
  • Drop Your Pants Average Votes:0.00
  • Drug Testing at Pepsi Average Votes:3.99
  • Drug Testing At Pepsi Average Votes:4.25
  • Drunk Driver Support Group Average Votes:2.78
  • Drunk Drivers United Average Votes:3.00
  • Drunk Prank Average Votes:3.31
  • Drunk Pumpkin Average Votes:3.00
  • Drunk Squirrel Average Votes:3.67
  • Drunk Tattoo Average Votes:4.25
  • Drunkards Average Votes:1.50
  • Drunken Crossing Average Votes:0.00
  • Dubya Busted Average Votes:0.00
  • Dubya Busted! Average Votes:3.60
  • Duck Crossing Average Votes:0.00
  • Dude You're Busted Average Votes:0.00
  • Duh! Average Votes:4.00

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