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  • Dumb Sign Average Votes:2.86
  • Dumb Sign Average Votes:4.20
  • Dysfunction Santa Average Votes:3.80
  • Earios Average Votes:3.00
  • Easter Baby Average Votes:3.00
  • Easy Date Average Votes:4.00
  • Easy Method Driving??? Average Votes:3.00
  • Ebay Blunder Average Votes:4.55
  • Education Rally Average Votes:3.70
  • Eearios Average Votes:3.00
  • Effects Of Drug Abuse Average Votes:3.67
  • Einstein's Family Photo Average Votes:4.14
  • Elastic Girl Average Votes:2.77
  • Election Survival Average Votes:0.00
  • Election Survivor Average Votes:2.50
  • Election Theft for Dummies Average Votes:0.00
  • Election Theft For Dummies Average Votes:3.33
  • Elementary Grafiti Average Votes:0.00
  • Elephant Friend Average Votes:1.00
  • Elephant Raintcoat Average Votes:0.00
  • Elite Coast Guard Average Votes:3.22
  • Elvis Sighting Average Votes:0.00
  • Embarrassing Tombstone Average Votes:2.44
  • Emergency Phone Average Votes:1.50
  • Employee Outhouse Average Votes:3.86
  • Employee Outhouse Average Votes:0.00
  • Encyclopedia Sale Average Votes:0.00
  • Encyclopedias for Sale Average Votes:3.83
  • End of Earth Average Votes:2.83
  • Escape Sign Warning Average Votes:3.00
  • European Handbag Average Votes:3.75
  • Eva Can't Cook? Who Cares! Average Votes:0.00
  • Everything Sucks Average Votes:0.00
  • Evil Bert Average Votes:3.50
  • EVIL BERT JOINS EVIL OSAMA Average Votes:3.14
  • Evil Cat Average Votes:3.64
  • Evil Cat Average Votes:3.63
  • Evil Cloud Face Average Votes:3.50
  • Evil Sesame Street Average Votes:3.55
  • Evolution Of Authority Average Votes:0.00
  • Evolution Of Man Average Votes:0.00
  • Evolution of Man & Woman Average Votes:0.00
  • Evolution of Man and Woman Average Votes:3.62
  • Evolution Of Man And Woman Average Votes:0.00
  • Evolution of the Geek Average Votes:3.60
  • Evolution Of The Geek Average Votes:0.00
  • Evolvo Average Votes:0.00
  • Excited Cactus Average Votes:3.50
  • Executive Toilet Average Votes:0.00
  • Exercise for Your Genitals Average Votes:3.83
  • Exercise Your Genitals Average Votes:0.00
  • Exotic Dance Barbie Average Votes:3.00
  • Expensive Cars Average Votes:2.45
  • Exploration Average Votes:3.00
  • Express Delivery Average Votes:0.00
  • Express Hair Cut Average Votes:0.00
  • Express Haircuts Average Votes:2.50
  • Extra Terrestrial Board Meeting Average Votes:0.00
  • Eye Exam Average Votes:0.00
  • Eye Test Average Votes:3.71
  • F1 for Help Average Votes:0.00
  • Face in Food Average Votes:0.00
  • Facial Average Votes:0.00
  • Failure Average Votes:1.00
  • Fall In! Average Votes:0.00
  • Family Photo Barf Average Votes:5.00
  • Fancy Eating That??? Average Votes:0.00
  • Fancy Living Here? Average Votes:0.00
  • Farmer Earl Average Votes:2.67
  • Farmer Earl Average Votes:3.00
  • Fast Asleep Average Votes:2.00
  • Fast Food Funeral Home Average Votes:3.00
  • Fastest/Fattest Swimmer Average Votes:1.50
  • Fat Bungee Jumping Average Votes:3.88
  • Fat Bungee Jumping Average Votes:4.08
  • Fat Man Dive Average Votes:0.00
  • Fearsome Grizzlies Average Votes:0.00
  • Feed the Giraffe Average Votes:3.74
  • Feeding Time Average Votes:2.50
  • Feeling Ill Average Votes:1.00
  • Feeling Ill 2 Average Votes:0.00
  • Female and Male Shopping Average Votes:4.00
  • Female Driver Insurance Average Votes:2.78
  • Female Drivers Insurance Average Votes:3.40
  • Fido Pride Average Votes:3.67
  • Finals Average Votes:0.00
  • Find the Dog Average Votes:3.67
  • Find the Hidden Entrance Average Votes:3.80
  • Find The Hidden Entrance Average Votes:1.00
  • Finger Eye Average Votes:0.00
  • Finger Licking Good Average Votes:4.11
  • Finger Monkey Average Votes:3.25
  • Fire Alarm Average Votes:2.69
  • Firing Squad Average Votes:1.71
  • Firing Squad Average Votes:1.50
  • First Cat Steps Average Votes:4.26
  • First Date Average Votes:3.75
  • First Divorce Average Votes:4.50
  • First Kiss Average Votes:4.00
  • First Kiss Average Votes:3.22

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