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  • I Need a Drink of Water! Average Votes:3.28
  • Ballerina Average Votes:2.72
  • The beach Average Votes:2.45
  • 10 Commandments of a Teenager Average Votes:3.98
  • 100 Percent Polar Bear Average Votes:2.70
  • 2 cute ones... Average Votes:3.81
  • 2 Parents Average Votes:3.75
  • 3 babies talking. Average Votes:2.97
  • 3 Year Old Church Average Votes:3.00
  • 3 Year Old Church Average Votes:2.73
  • A boy and a clock Average Votes:1.67
  • A Childs View Of A Retirement Average Votes:3.22
  • A teacher asks Average Votes:2.56
  • ABC's Average Votes:3.57
  • About old man Average Votes:1.73
  • Adult Resignation Average Votes:3.83
  • Adult Resignation Average Votes:3.27
  • Afraid of the Dark Average Votes:3.56
  • Afraid of the Dark Average Votes:3.20
  • Anniversary Average Votes:2.88
  • Anthony's First Train Ride Average Votes:2.57
  • Ask Questions Average Votes:3.14
  • Baby Luv Average Votes:3.80
  • Baby Luv Average Votes:3.33
  • Baby Noises Explanations? Average Votes:3.03
  • Baby Owner's Manual Average Votes:3.22
  • Baby Sister Average Votes:2.73
  • Bathroom Average Votes:2.04
  • Bathroom Door is Closed Average Votes:2.67
  • Be Careful What You Teach Your Kids Average Votes:4.27
  • Bears Average Votes:3.60
  • Bicycle Average Votes:3.14
  • Bicycle Average Votes:3.62
  • Birds & Bees Average Votes:3.99
  • Blood Test Average Votes:3.91
  • Blood Test Average Votes:3.78
  • Boys and Girls Average Votes:2.94
  • Buying Dumbells Average Votes:3.25
  • Cadillacs Average Votes:2.94
  • Carpooling Average Votes:3.85
  • Casket Talk Average Votes:3.50
  • Chickens Average Votes:2.69
  • Children's Books? Average Votes:3.14
  • Children's Proverbs Average Votes:3.89
  • Circumcision Average Votes:3.74
  • Circumcision Average Votes:3.42
  • Climb the Walls Average Votes:3.13
  • Cornflakes Average Votes:2.87
  • Country Name Average Votes:3.25
  • Creative Medical Diagnosis Average Votes:3.00
  • Cyanide Watermelons Average Votes:3.74
  • Dad's Fat!! Average Votes:3.94
  • Dad's Fat!! Average Votes:4.00
  • Day at the Beach Average Votes:2.46
  • Dead Cat Test Average Votes:3.85
  • Deep Dark Secrets Average Votes:3.97
  • Didn't make the cut... Average Votes:4.08
  • Disappearing Crayons Average Votes:3.65
  • Do As I Please? Average Votes:3.62
  • Do What Bulls Do Average Votes:4.00
  • Do What Bulls Do Average Votes:4.00
  • Don't Do Drugs Average Votes:3.67
  • Donut Seeds Average Votes:3.25
  • Dress for Success Average Votes:3.27
  • Elephants Jokes 4 Kids Galore Average Votes:2.76
  • Excited Preacher Average Votes:2.66
  • Explaining Death to a Child Average Votes:2.44
  • Family Album Average Votes:4.00
  • Fascinating Little Johnny! Average Votes:4.05
  • Father & Son Average Votes:4.28
  • Father & Son Average Votes:3.91
  • Father - Son Average Votes:4.08
  • Father - Son Average Votes:4.09
  • Fill Er Up! Average Votes:3.90
  • Fireman's Son Average Votes:3.86
  • First Words Average Votes:3.39
  • Football try-outs. Average Votes:3.17
  • Get a Haircut Average Votes:3.31
  • Ghostly Giggle Average Votes:2.55
  • Give the frog a loan Average Votes:3.67
  • Gladly Average Votes:3.67
  • Gladly Average Votes:4.40
  • Great Truths About Life Average Votes:2.40
  • Halloween funnies for kids! Average Votes:2.85
  • Having Children at 49 Average Votes:1.00
  • History Average Votes:1.80
  • History Lessons Average Votes:3.00
  • History Lessons -- 1 Average Votes:3.67
  • History Lessons -- 2 Average Votes:0.00
  • History Lessons -- 3 Average Votes:1.62
  • Honey Average Votes:4.25
  • Honey Average Votes:4.17
  • How do guys in jail..... Average Votes:2.40
  • How do you make...? Average Votes:3.38
  • How Kids Interpret Words Average Votes:3.56
  • I Want a Bicycle Average Votes:1.80
  • I'm Hungry Average Votes:2.28
  • If a frog parks. Average Votes:3.14
  • Is it a Boy or Girl Cat? Average Votes:2.77
  • Kid's letters to God...cute! Average Votes:3.68

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