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  • 3 Cowboys Average Votes:3.33
  • 90 year old wanker Average Votes:3.85
  • A few Q and As Average Votes:3.00
  • A Genie Can Do Anything... Average Votes:3.00
  • A Good Cold Average Votes:2.75
  • A night out at the Strip Joint Average Votes:4.50
  • Adam & Eve Average Votes:4.00
  • Advanced newborn Average Votes:4.60
  • An American In Jamaica... Average Votes:3.97
  • Are You Sure? Average Votes:3.78
  • Armless man Average Votes:4.12
  • Benefits of Being Female Average Votes:2.86
  • Biting the Bullet Average Votes:4.00
  • Bonja Bonja Average Votes:4.00
  • Boy's & Girl's Records Average Votes:0.00
  • Breakfast Average Votes:4.14
  • Brown Wedding Day Average Votes:5.00
  • Bungee Jumping In Mexico Average Votes:5.00
  • Business Trip Average Votes:1.00
  • Camel love Average Votes:2.75
  • Coal Miner's Confusion Average Votes:2.52
  • Cogito, ergo sum. Average Votes:5.00
  • Coming or going Average Votes:0.00
  • Diary of a Viagra Wife Average Votes:3.67
  • Doctor's Appt. Average Votes:4.75
  • Dorm shower fun Average Votes:0.00
  • Double take Average Votes:4.50
  • Dumb Pick up lines Average Votes:2.56
  • Electric Chair Average Votes:3.40
  • Face Lift Average Votes:4.28
  • Final exam Average Votes:4.31
  • Fire! Average Votes:3.17
  • Fireman Average Votes:2.33
  • Fred's Wife Average Votes:4.75
  • Friendship Test Average Votes:3.00
  • Gender of Computers Average Votes:4.67
  • Genie Average Votes:3.33
  • Goin' to Chicago Average Votes:4.60
  • Going to the Bar...NOT!!! Average Votes:3.67
  • Grand Father Clock Average Votes:3.50
  • Grandma Average Votes:4.00
  • Guillotine Average Votes:3.25
  • Gunscope Average Votes:5.00
  • Handsaw Wank Average Votes:4.00
  • Headache man Average Votes:4.33
  • Hearing v's Listening Average Votes:3.50
  • Hey Mom! Average Votes:4.76
  • Hiker Sex Average Votes:3.78
  • HIS and HERS Road Trip Average Votes:2.00
  • How about you? Average Votes:5.00
  • How to survive with women Average Votes:4.50
  • How unfair? Average Votes:4.12
  • I've passed the bar, and I'm on a mission from God. Average Votes:5.00
  • In explaination of men... Average Votes:0.00
  • Jet Juice Average Votes:4.50
  • Laying Down The Rules Average Votes:4.50
  • Lieing to a cop Average Votes:2.43
  • Little Race Car Average Votes:3.92
  • Lost at Sea Average Votes:4.50
  • Lucky Guys! Average Votes:0.00
  • Mean businessman Average Votes:4.50
  • Mechanics' humor Average Votes:2.50
  • Men and their tools! Average Votes:0.00
  • Men and Women Average Votes:3.80
  • Men and Women Compared Average Votes:3.71
  • Modern Conveniences Average Votes:4.00
  • Mongolian VD Average Votes:2.33
  • My Daddy is better Average Votes:0.00
  • My Friend, God! Average Votes:0.00
  • New rule in Heaven Average Votes:4.01
  • Not Much of a Man? Average Votes:3.67
  • One for the Girls Average Votes:4.11
  • Only When He's Drunk... Average Votes:0.00
  • Pick up line Average Votes:3.29
  • Plug in , switch on. Average Votes:5.00
  • Proud Dads Average Votes:0.00
  • Rejection lines Average Votes:3.00
  • Roll your own tampons Average Votes:3.67
  • Rules To Be A Man Average Votes:3.00
  • Secretaries Average Votes:1.50
  • Seminars for Men Average Votes:0.00
  • Stoopit Pickup Lines Average Votes:3.00
  • Superman and Wonderwoman Average Votes:4.12
  • Surprise Package Average Votes:4.33
  • Taxi Cab and the Nun Average Votes:0.00
  • The Classic Man Joke Average Votes:5.00
  • The Construction Workers Average Votes:3.67
  • The Harmless Weirdo Average Votes:1.00
  • The Man Dictionary Average Votes:3.00
  • The Man Etiquette Test Average Votes:4.33
  • The Nice Cop Average Votes:2.00
  • The perfect man Average Votes:4.46
  • The pregnant nurse Average Votes:3.67
  • The problem with men Average Votes:0.00
  • The Shotgun Constitution Average Votes:0.00
  • These 3 guys Average Votes:4.17
  • Three Men Average Votes:3.00
  • Three Men In A Sauna Average Votes:3.59
  • Ticket to Titsburg Average Votes:3.64
  • Training Courses Now Available for Men Average Votes:5.00

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