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Catholic School Math

A young boy was in grade four and was having a terrible time with his math.
His parents worked with him night after night but there was no improvement.

His math marks were dismal. His parents in desperation decided to transfer their son to a new school. They decided to try the Catholic school system but not until after they had given the matter serious consideration as both parents were not religious.

They checked around and the school seemed to have a good academic record. They reluctantly enrolled their son in the Catholic school. Immediately the boy's math marks soared. He went from a failing grade to become an A student.

His parents were surprised at the change and over dinner one night they asked their son about his improvement. "Was it better teaching" they asked and the boy said "No the teachers are about the same". "Was it a different text book?" Again the boy said "No it is the same text book"

Finally they asked their son why he thought he had made such a dramatic improvement.

The boy said "the first day I went to school I knew they took their math seriously and that I had better do well or there would be serious consequences."

Their parents asked what made him realize the school took math so seriously.

The boy answered "the first thing I saw when I went into the classroom was a statue of some guy nailed to a plus sign."

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