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Yo Moma so fat

Yo Moma so fat, when you get on top of her, your ears


Yo Moma so fat, when she has sex, she has to give


Yo Momaso fat, she has a refrigerator strapped to her

waist, and it looks like a pager.

Yo Momaso fat, she was floating in the ocean and Spain

claimed her for their new world.

Yo Momaso fat, she sat on the beach and Green peace threw

her in.

Yo Momaso fat, when I climbed up on top of her, I burned

my ass on the light bulb.

Yo Momaso fat, she can't even jump to a conclusion.

Yo Momaso fat, she's moving the Earth out of its orbit.

Yo Momaso fat, she has 48 midnight snacks.

Yo Momaso fat, she plays pool with the planets.

Yo Momaso fat, she made Richard Simmons cry.

Yo Momaso fat, when she went to get a water bed, they

put a blanket across Lake Michigan.

Yo Momaso fat, she don't know whether she's walking or


Yo Momaso fat, she makes sumo wrestlers look anorexic.
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