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20 Reasons Throwing Up is Better than Dorm Food

20 Reasons Throwing Up is Better thanDormFood

After you throw up, you feel better.

You can throw up whenever you want.

When you throw up, you don't have to wait in line.

Throw-up is always warm.

You don't have to sneak throw-up out of the cafeteria.

When you're throwing up, a bent spoon is an advantage.

You can lose weight throwing up.

You don't have to pay to throw up.

Throw-up is SUPPOSED to look like that.

When you throw up, you don't have to come back for seconds.

You don't have to throw up everyday.

Throwing up can never cause you to eat dorm food afterward.

You can throw up without a photo ID.

Throw-up is organic and biodegradable.

They don't ration throw-up.

After you throw up, at least you know what you've eaten.

Plastic throw-up is funny. Plastic dorm food is redundant.

You don't have to throw up the same thing five days in a row.

A dog will eat throw-up.

After you throw up, at least there's some taste in your mouth.
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