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Science class ( a true story)

You won't beleive this. It's a true story. Ahem: About a year ago I was at Science Class and sitting beside my buddy Chad. We were in this huge science lab, and were waiting for our assighnment Mr.Hall wlked in, and wrote on the marker board. "All students will be required to wear they're goggles and an apron. Pair up with a partner and you will each be given a series of chemicals. make predictions about what you think they are. Look, touch,(with gloves)and write down observations. Next, heat the chemical you observed, and describe what happens. Do not over heat bunsen burner! Record observations in science journal, and wait for further directions."
Chad and I put on our gear and grabbed our chemicals. I tested a few, but came up on one that I couldn't figure out. Chad on the other hand, was doing fine with his half.

"What do you think this is?" "Dunno" Chad replied, he lit the burner. I observed the liquid. it was clear, and looked like water.

I poured a little out and touched it. It was cold. "Chad. I'm going to taste this I know it's water." Chad turned towards me. "What? You pussey! You can't do that! You don't know what that is!" "It has to be water!" "Don't take any chances!' Chad replied. I looked at my chemical carefully. I was convinced it was water. So I began to put it to my lips when, chad knocked over his burner, and the chemical fell into the floor! His apron caught fire, and he yelled at the top of his lungs. Everyone screamed! Chad ripped off his apron and through it onto a table. But the table was covered with paper! It began getting larger. Still convinced that the chemical was H2O I picked up the glass and threw it on the fire. Unfortunantly, I found out later that the chemical was actually Gasoline!! The fire raged as the fire engulfed the two tables nearest to it!! "Evreyone out!!!!" Mr.hall and my classmates ran out the door as Mr.hall grabbed a fire extinguisher in the hall and ran into the room. After about two minutes, Mr.hall came out, and yelled "Who is responsible for this?!!" Everyone pointed to Chad and me. We looked at each other, and then at Mr.Hall. "You two!!! To the Mr.Simpson's office!!! Now!!!"

Chad and I spent the rest of the school year suspended and in detention. We never neared a fire without caution again.

The moral: Look before you leap (Because you'll fall, oh yeah, you'll fall.)
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