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The official polish sex quiz

Study each question carefully. Then, choose the answer that

seems most correct (True or False) and mark an "X" (just

like you sign your name) under the appropriate heading on

the right side.


1. A clitoris is a type of flower. |______|______|

2. Pubic hair is a wild rabbit. |______|______|

3. "Spread Eagle" is an extinct bird. |______|______|

4. Vagina is a medical term used to | | |

describe heart trouble. |______|______|

5. Menstrual cycle has three (3) wheels. |______|______|

6. A G-string is part of a violin. |______|______|

7. Semen is another word for "sailor". |______|______|

8. Anus is the Latin word for "yearly". |______|______|

9. Testicles are found on an octopus. |______|______|

10. Asphalt describes rectal troubles. |______|______|

11. Masturbate is used to catch large fish. |______|______|

12. KOTEX is a radio station in Bryan, Texas. |______|______|

13. Coitus is a musical instrument. |______|______|

14. Fetus is a character on "Gunsmoke". |______|______|

15. An umbilical cord is part of a parachute. |______|______|

16. A condom is an apartment complex. |______|______|

17. An organism is the person who accompanies | | |

the choir in church |______|______|

18. A diaphragm is a drawing in geometry. |______|______|

19. A dildo is a variety of sweet pickle. |______|______|

20. An erection is when the Japanese vote | | |

for their new government officials. |______|______|

21. A lesbian is a person from the Middle East. |______|______|

22. Sodomy is a special kind of fast-growing grass. |______|______|

23. Pornography is the business of making record | | |

albums. |______|______|

24. Genitals are people of non-Jewish origins. |______|______|

25. Douche is the Italian word for "twelve" |______|______|

26. An enema is someone who is not your friend. |______|______|

27. Ovaries are a French egg dish made with cheese. |______|______|
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