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  • 16 Color Cinema
    Make and share shockwave cartoon movies.

  • Adam Cares
    Actually he doesn't, but you can complain to him anyways.

  • Alladin
    Make 3 wishes.

  • Alvin's Toplists
    Submit your own toplists and responses and see them appear instantly. Ranking is based on instantaneous voting.

  • Ankur Kheterpal's Home Page
    This is a personal home page of Ankur kheterpal containing very good Jokes, funny files and a lot of stuff for teenagers to enjoy

  • Are you a psychic?
    Your chance to prove your psychic abilities. Psychic test, mind reading, magic cards, magic balls, horoscope.

  • Ask The Magic Pepper
    The all knowing mystical sage will answer your most secret questions with his fiery knowledge.

  • Bastard Test on All Four Jokers
    A quick poll for men. Hmmm.....

  • Bigteam Forum
    Ask the forum any question that's on your mind, and it will promptly be answered by a team of well-trained monkeys.

  • Bizarre Rumour Generator
    Writes a random, sometimes senseless, customizable accusation, similar to an insult generator.

    A games and interactive cartoons site for fun and irreverent humor.

  • Cartman Interactive
    South Park fan site featuring animation and sound.

  • Circus X - Nipple Twister Boobie Tester 2000
    Ever wondered if those big breasted bombshells have real knockers. If so, this interactive flash animation is for you. Test 'em for yourself in this crazy interactive cartoon.

  • Comedy Central
    You will find lots of interactive funny things to do at this site.

  • Computer Camera
    An funny online camera that will take a picture of your face through your monitor.

  • Cool Caption
    Use your originality, creativity and sense of humor to write captions for random photographs.

  • Cyber Camera
    Have your picture taken from your computer, on-line.

  • Don't Be A Dork
    The ultimate adventure game. Join in on the comic caption contest or see who is the dork of the month.

  • Dress-Up Games
    Dress up celebrities, nerds, historical figures and many others. Also a dress-up site for kids.

  • Eddie Crush Predicts
    Remember those paper things that you used to predict the future? Here's a virtual one.

    Discussion and trash talking about almost anything.

  • Find-the-Monkey
    An amusing web diversion where the user is asked to select the monkey from among several images given.

  • Fishing For Love - Interactive comedy
    Eric is a misfit, filing clerk obsessed with fishing. Susan is the smart, sassy claims officer who works on the 10th floor. Eric wants to invite Susan on a date. Will he get the girl? Your choices will decide in this interactive comedy.

  • Flag Magic
    An amazing online magic trick using flags of different nations.

  • Funky Afro
    Give expanding roster of animated individuals cliched haircuts, or just watch them dance.

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