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Musical/Musical Instrument Jokes splited by category...
  • A Musical Joke
    Musical instrument jokes from Didcots Girls School.

  • AirGuitar Home Page
    How to play the Philson Stratoblaster Air Guitar.

  • Bagpipe Jokes
    A collection of bagpipe and related band jokes

  • Canonical List of Banjo jokes
    List of numerous banjo jokes.

  • Instrument Jokes
    From accordion to viola.

  • Music Humor
    Music-related jokes, stories, anecdotes. Joke of the day. Submit your own humor.

  • Music Jokes
    Musical instrument jokes, clean, updated often.

  • Musical Instrument Jokes
    Classified humor, jokes, question and answers, guides and application forms for musicians. Post your music joke.

  • Musician Jokes Extraordinaire
    Musical instrument jokes followed by 10 pages of viola jokes.

    Good clean musical instrument jokes

  • No Accounting For Bad Taste
    List of jokes and new definitions for classical terms

  • OXymoron Humour Archive: Music
    Music instrument jokes and humorous stories.

  • Spence's Music Jokes
    Wide variety of musical instrument jokes.

  • The Humor Lounge - Cello Humor
    Humor about cellists and the other members of the string family.

  • The Music Joke Collection
    102 pages of music jokes in HTML or PDF format with table of contents.

  • Viola Jokes
    Jokes about the apparent foolishness of viola players.

  • Violin World Music Jokes
    Jokes in the form of an addmission test for the BBC Orchestra

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