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  • Amtrek Means Travel Excitement
    A parody about Amtrek, the passenger railroad that put the travail back in travel.

  • Art Gone Postal
    These artistamp postal parodies are visual treats, satirical in nature.

    Satiric tabloid-esque humor site dedicated to celebrity bashing.

  • BetterDogFood
    We give you the dog, and then sell you the dog food.

    Research the trendy capri pants fashion fad.

  • Blair Witch Horror Scope
    12 Pages found in the woods, near a weird car.

  • Book-A-Minute SF/F
    Humorous lampooning of popular sci-fi and fantasy via ultra-condensation.

  • Cheese Wars
    Ongoing Internet cartoon featuring reluctant revolutionaries trying to survive in a world full of Hollywood parodies.

  • Chicken Soup for the Soulless
    Full of good-humored parodies of the inspirational e-mails you've come to know and loathe, forwarded to you by well-meaning relatives.

  • Cooking With High Voltage
    Take a peek into the 21st century when we will cook with high voltage electricity.

  • Department of Humor
    A site featuring many parodies.

  • Drat : Anti-Teletubby
    An anti-Teletubby site.

  • Dumbentia
    A spoof site on those motivational posters.

  • EZBay Black Market Auctions
    The world leader in black market auctions. Working parody of ebay.

  • Fart Club
    Contains parodies of songs lyrics, sounds, and jokes.

  • Food Safety Music
    Parodies of popular Rock and Roll songs with food safety lyrics.

  • Funny
    Includes parodies of South Park, wassup commercials, and songs.

  • FunnySpoofs and Parodies
    Funny spoofs, parodies and wavs.

  • Gamecocks Demotivational Posters
    A humorous look at the South Carolina Gamecocks.

  • Get Bent
    Learn how to double your pulling potential and put your eyeliner on straight(ish) with this beginners guide to bisexuality, presented by Brian Molko from Placebo.

  • God Hates Barbers
    Parody of a homophobic hate site.

  • God Hates Figs
    A parody of the "" site run by the Reverend Phelps. The site proves conclusively that God can't stand those seedy little fruits and the people who eat them.

  • Hamster Liberation Front
    A site dedicated to the freeing of household rodential friends throughout the world.

  • Helly Jelly
    A parody of Jelly Belly jellybeans with unusual flavors such as anchovy, asparagus, bacon, and boiled okra.

  • Horrid, horrid poetry
    Danarchy's parodies of poetry.

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