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  • 007 News WWW Edition
    Put succinctly, this newsletter attempts to combine two things -- mathematics and humour. The articles range from the very serious and informative to the witty and (hopefully) hilarious. The ultimate goal of the newsletter is to bring you some enjoyment in mathematics that you might not be able to get anywhere else.

  • 36 Methods of Mathematical Proof
    Check how many you've used in your lifetime.

  • Acme Klein Bottle
    Glass Klein bottles of all types.

  • College Entrance Essay
    This one is an oldie but goodie.

  • Did You Hear the One About the Mathematician, Physicist and Engineer?

  • Fun With Math
    Annotated links to math jokes, humor and mathematical recreations.

  • Gary Ramseyer's First Internet Gallery of Statistics Jokes
    Over 120k of jokes.

  • Ivars Peterson's MathTrek
    Abbott and Costello's wacky math.

  • Math Jokes
    A page of math jokes.

  • Profession Jokes - Mathematicians
    Jokes about mathematicians (part of the Profession Jokes site)

  • Statistician Jokes
    A number of really good ones.

  • The Calculus Hater
    Calculus - a bane to millions of students.

  • The Effects of Moore's Law and Slacking on Large Computations
    We show that, in the context of Moore's Law, overall productivity can be increased for large enough computations by `slacking' or waiting for some period of time before purchasing a computer and beginning the calculation.

  • The Math Humor Page
    A large collection of math humor.

  • The Weekly Puzzler
    Not all of these are mathematical in nature, but many of them are.

  • Toons
    Math-related cartoons.

  • Why is the Mathematician So Messy?
    Explain it if you can.

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